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Free your belly from years of bloating, pain and tension without fussing over food

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4 Foundations

Glad you made it

Welcome to the Zen Belly! I'm Justin and I help busy adults like you, who have shitty digestive systems break free from bloating, pain and constipation so you can enjoy your food, have fun with friends and live without the stress of a bad belly.  

The Struggle is real

You got your act together and decided to eat a better diet; drink more water, get a little more exercise and it helped.....for a while.


But the diet was too restrictive and the results weren't worth the effort, so now you're left with the uncertainty - what's wrong with me, why doesn't anything help, do I have to feel like this forever?


And so diets come and go, nothing really changes and no one has the answers you really need. 


The good news

You are right where you need to be.

You've taken the noble step of not giving up on your health and that is amazing - THANK YOURSELF! 


It's at this point I could tell you about my lifelong battle with my belly, my love for nutrition and  how I use it to help people have better bellies - but there is something you need to know.

Before you tackle another diet or cut out all your favorite foods:


Change HOW you eat - not what you eat. Become mindful and aware of your eating habits so your body can digest, eliminate and heal naturally.

Then, relax and release the physical restriction and chaos in your body. Why? Because your connective tissue (fascia) is messing with your body. If you create healthy fascia - blood flow improves, organ function gets better, waste removal increases, deep breathing becomes easy, posture gets better and your body starts to thank you in ways you never imagined! 

As you work on these foundations to good digestion (and health), then you are free to make simple, smart changes to your diet.

Foundations First

If you are stressed and tense, your digestion suffers and it doesn't matter what foods you eat. 

If your body is relaxed and spacious it has flow.

A body with flow functions and feels amazing.

How do you get there?


It's simple.


I will help you take the burden off your gut so it can do it's job - without all the pain, gas, grossness and bloating that have built up over the years!

We will focus on

  • creating healthy eating habits through mindful eating

  • relaxing and releasing years of chronic tension and stress that are no longer needed

  • eating amazing gut healthy meals that are easy to prepare (especially when you get the recipes and shopping lists!) 

  • opening your body (and mind) to new experiences and levels of wellbeing you thought were off limits with the help of Block Therapy!

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How can we work together?

I recommend starting with the 4 Foundations of Health.  It is a free resource guide and step-by-step plan that takes you through an easy to follow program. If you practice these simple steps you will feel a huge shift in your belly, body and mind. 

You can also take the Happy Belly Challenge! It's a nice follow up to the 4 Foundations of Health, or done solo. Follow along to 5 short videos and be guided through a complete mindful eating process! It's super easy to try and the more you practice these techniques, the more profound and longer lasting your relief from bloating, overeating, tension, constipation and pain will be! 

For those looking for even more - you can work me with one-on-one over 6 weeks to really fine tune your eating habits, as well as take a look at diet, meal timing, Block Therapy and much more! All the details are here; The Art of Eating.

Or simply schedule a free 30 minute mini-session here so we can get to the specifics of your situation and you will leave with some tips so you can feel refreshed, relaxed and relieved from tummy troubles! 

What are people saying?

There is an incredible difference in how I feel. I'm more rested, relaxed. I had 2 of the best nights sleep I've had in 2-3 years and I'm having regular bowel movements. AD

I am just starting the with the Block and I am already seeing some subtle changes after less than a week. I tend to chronic constipation and that seems to be relieved, amazingly! Feels good! Other subtle changes as well. I am very excited! KS

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