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The Art of Eating

Improve digestion, reduce bloating, pain and constipation

without changing your diet

Life is busy. Some would say hectic, uncertain and stressful.


You'd like to change your diet and eat better but now's NOT the time.

Or, you really like the foods you eat and could care less about changing them!

But, your belly is testing your patience even though it hasn't crossed any lines - yet. Pain, gas, indigestion, bloating, tension, constipation or diarrhea. Not cool. 


You tried making changes but the benefits didn't last and so you are left deflated and wondering what the heck is wrong with my insides?

You try to forget about it and learn to live with the discomfort. It's not like you're the only one, right? 

Stomach Ache

But deep down you want this gone and you don't want to renovate your entire diet to make it happen.   


Feel good about eating the foods you like, when you like; indulge a little, relax when you go out with friends and wear the clothes you want to wear - not the ones that hide your bloated belly!

Live without worrying where the nearest bathroom is, or if you will ever be able to go again.

You want to enjoy meals without any of the stress, guilt or pain, not just because those things suck, but because FOOD IS GOOD!

Keep the foods.

Change how you eat them. 


I love helping people create new habits that transform how they experience food - but more importantly - how they feel when they "eat well". 

Here's the thing - everyone focuses on the food - people tell you WHAT to eat.


Almost no one focuses on HOW you eat, so you are left with stress, poor digestion and lame elimination.

And NO ONE has shown you how to let go of DECADES of tissue compression and restriction in your belly and body! 

Until now. 

That's why I've created the Art of Eating - a Mind-Body approach to eating well. 

I help busy adults like you improve your digestion without upending your diet. 


I know what its like to have a bloated, tight and sluggish gut. I didn't treat mine very well growing up, mostly because I didn't know any better.  So when I learned about nutrition I changed my diet - big time. It was a huge step in the right direction but my issues lingered; constipation, bloating and discomfort. 


A few years later when I started practicing Block Therapy I realized how distracted and anxious I was. This included when I was eating. 

I was busy working long days and I was always in a hurry. I didn't take the time to relax, especially around meal time. My distracted, hurried eating clogged my system.


I wasn't chewing my food well, my stomach was tense, my breath shallow, my body was stiff and my mind was somewhere in the future thinking about what I had to do next.


And I couldn't figure out why the hell my "perfect diet" wasn't working!

It's NOT ALL about the food! 

The Art of Eating

A 6 week, 1:1 coaching program to help you:

  • Learn how to relieve pain, tension, discomfort and bloating from your belly so you can say yes to more things in life - dinner with friends, wear the clothes you really want and not worry about where the bathroom is! 

  • Rekindle your relationship with food as you delight in the pleasures of your senses. 

  • Feel more relaxed as you learn to breathe better, create space in your body and calm your mind. 

  • Improve digestion, elimination, immune function, hormone balance and more - all from slowing down and carving out some time for yourself! 

  • Feel more in control of your belly, gain confidence as you feel better and not worry as much if you "get off track" - it's not the end of the world! 

I have solutions or “go to” approaches when I am struggling with the digestion/gut.
Justin was terrific to work with!! And I found the digestion factor very interesting. Our society is very focused on diet. The Zen Belly took me to a different place when sitting down to eat. I will definitely continue the steps I learned during this experience.

Heather Hiebert

This is the best I've felt in a couple of years. I have more energy each day to spend time with the kids, doing things like going fishing. I'm not bogged down after eating and crashing on the couch. I got an extra 1-2 hours each day!

Justin Hoyt

In our 6 weeks of 1:1 coaching you'll get:

  • A 1-hr initial session plus five, 30 minute sessions with me ($350 value)​

  • Twice weekly check-in's from me to you - to help build your new habits - we're in training here! (2 hours over 6 weeks) - plus you get unlimited email support for the entire program. ($230 value)

  • Understanding the Basics of Gut Health eBook with details on probiotics, prebiotic foods, the best foods to support a healthy belly, nutrients for the gut and more! ($97 value)

  • The 7-day Healthy Gut Challenge We will not focus on this challenge in our sessions but you can complete it as many times as you like, whenever you like. This challenge comes complete with instructions, a 7-day menu plan, recipes and shopping list!  So in the event you ever feel like making a change to your diet - you can give your body a time-out from your current habits and, instead, give it nutrients from foods that will nourish your gut! ($99 value)

  • A 21-day Healthy Gut Meal Plan with recipes and shopping lists! ($197 value)

  • Your Block Buddy with Block Therapy Starter Package - a life-long whole body fascia program plus a FREE 14-day trial of the Block Therapy membership area ($177 value)

Total Value:  $1150

Your Investment is only $549! ($370 if you're already a member of Block Therapy). 

Who has the best chance of success with this program?

You! If....

  • You’re busy but ready to lay the foundation for good digestion and gut health - without changing your entire diet

  • You’re ready to practice some self-care at home and can spend 15-30 minutes per day (most days) learning how to focus on yourself

  • You’re ready and willing to develop tiny, but powerful habits that will alter your digestion - forever! 

  • You know you can make simple changes to your routine - but also like the idea of having someone to guide and support you through the process. 

Lunch with Friends

Change can be easy

You have more control over your digestion and health than you realize. 

The strategies we will discuss are free to practice, they get easier with time, they only take a few minutes of your day and they can be life-changing. 

If you are ready to make positive changes to your belly and body without upending your diet,  these habits will  soon become second nature.


In fact, when we eat mindfully, we are simply reconnecting to our natural, relaxed state of breathing, chewing, slowing down and enjoying food!


We're getting back to basics relaxing and improving digestion


If all I have to do is change how I breathe and chew my food - why do I need you?! 

Change is a lot easier when you have the guidance and support of someone who wants to see you succeed and accountability goes a long way! It's easy to let things slip when we go it alone - especially if there is nothing on the line. i.e. you haven't paid anyone to help you. The simple fact that this is going to cost you something (even though it is a hell of a deal!) means you will be way more likely to do the work. Plus - when we try to make a bunch of small changes all at once we never stick with them. My approach is to add in one simple, effective change per week, make sure you practice it so it becomes a habit, and then add in the next simple shift.


What’s this Block Therapy thing and why do I need it?

Believe me, you need it - as does every other person you know. Why am I so confident? Because unless you’ve had perfect breathing and posture your whole life, you have fallen forward. The compression caused by changes to your fascia have created strong restrictions that now rule your gut (and entire body!) Without addressing the fascia and the physical structures of your core - you're simply working too hard for too little reward. 

I still think food is more important - is this too good to be true?

Food is definitely important - but it's not the complete picture. You can eat the perfect diet - but if your body isn't ready to digest,  the perfect diet doesn't mean so much. If you focus on the body and how you eat first -  then any food you choose to consume will benefit you way more than it does now. Plus, you feel a lot better! 

p.s. Block Therapy is the secret weapon that no other nutrition or health coach is aware of . You my friend, are now in possession of some advanced intel. It's up to you what you do with it! This is truly a unique approach and you will not find this opportunity anywhere else.


I'm sleeping much better, my eating habits have been steadily changing, my back pain has diminished and I feel like my digestive issues have been eliminated! 

Justin Hoyt


All things are difficult before they are easy.

Thomas Fuller 

Are you ready for easy? 

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