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If you are like most people, you've likely been dealing with pain and tension for way too long.  

Feeling like every time you move the wrong way it hurts. Frustrated because no one has been able to help you figure out why it's like this or what you can do to fix it long-term. 


The pain and frustration grow; they cloud your mind, your energy and body. They distract you draw you away from the things that matter.


Pain, tension, stress  - I've been there and it isn't fun, especially when you do everything "right". Eat clean, take good supplements, exercise, get decent sleep and visit all the alternative therapists that insurance will cover!


But nothing gets to the root of the issue.

That's because most people don't address the fascia or the importance of posture.


The best diet, supplements, exercise, therapies and more will only go so far as long as these issues are not dealt with. 

When you focus on deep fascia release work and key postural foundations - everything changes. You establish a new relationship to pain, to your body and to your life. 


When I found my way into the holistic world in 2003, I changed things up. I started eating well, taking high quality supplements, I drank clean water, detoxed, cleansed, fasted, dabbled in various form of meditation and self exploration, stretched, did yoga… get the picture.

And you know what? It really helped.

But here is what I didn't realize

My guts were compressed, as was most of my body. I was highly anxious with a taste for worst case scenario thinking. My spine was curved and my body was tense. My breathing was shallow, my diaphragm was barley being used and I was shorter than I needed to be!

​Yes - you read that right! I actually gained 2 cm of height in less than a year – but that’s another story.

When I stumbled upon Block Therapy everything changed - my belly, my breathe, my beliefs and my body.

Yeah, it was huge.

I finally found out why I was still fighting with my body after everything I was doing for it!

Now my body and I, we're good. I have more flexibility, stamina, range of motion and the recurrent pain that plagued me for years has left. Plus I have more focus and patience and generally take a more balanced approach to life (still working on that one!)


Who am I beyond my love for Block Therapy and feeling great?

I love food – especially growing it. I have two Permaculture Design Certificates and dream of the day when I have my own land to become a part of. Till then, my wife and I love being a part of our community garden here in Fort McMurray. I’ve also started a condo garden for our neighbors; so we can build community, learn where food comes from (especially the kids),  find joy in food, play in the dirt and connect to the earth. 


Oh yeah, and I have several thousand composting worms somewhere in our condo building – everybody needs some fresh vermicompost, am I right?!


I love to travel (pre 2020 days anyway). My last adventure found me in South America for 6 months with my tent and backpack, volunteering on “farms”, but mostly meeting awesome people, being awe-struck by nature,  getting pushed way outside my comfort zone and realizing how much I tend to overpack.


When I was part of the 9-5 world I was working in health and safety in the oil and gas industry – with a background in environmental science.  Instead of 9-5 it was more like 7 till whenever and it wasn’t good for my body. So, I cut the cord.

Now I enjoy helping others find relief from pain and tension in unexpected ways! 


To get a real handle on your pain and tension, check out the Path to Freedom

Curious about trying Block Therapy but aren't ready to commit a full program  - The Private Sessions are for you. 

If you prefer a super gentle approach to fascia decompression and want to get started right away, the online Sampler Program is your best bet. 9 guided videos for 9 bucks and all you need is a towel! 

p.s. Until you’ve tried Block Therapy – you’re just reading the words. To really get it, is to feel it – feel what it does in your body, deep down below the surface.

If you want to know what I really think of health you can read my philosophy page here

Believing you well,


Certified Block Therapist (2021)

Certified Block Therapy Instructor (2020)

Diploma - Holistic Nutrition

Certified BodyMind Nutritionist

Raw Nutrition Certification - BodyMind Institute

Sports Nutrition Certification - BodyMind Institute

Certification - The Digesters Dilemma

Advanced Clinical Focus - Digestion and GI Health

B.Sc (Honours) - Environmental Science

Permaculture Design Certificates (2016, 2020)

Advanced Diploma - Marine Geomatics

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