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When It Comes to health, I believe....

Our bodies have innate wisdom and the ability to heal when properly supported


People deserve real alternatives that give them control of their health

Health is the first wealth and people often take it for granted


There is more to healing than is presented by western medicine


Beliefs affect biology. When we change our minds, we can change our bodies

The body knows. Learn to listen to it. Trust in it’s wisdom


Exploring our own health and wellbeing is a part of discovering ourselves. Knowing is within


Following your intuition takes practice and courage


There has never been a better time in history to explore your own healing


People that take personal responsibility for their own health are the heroes of society

Stress plays a major role in the health of the individual and of society. Illness arises largely due to dis-ease


When we are in stress, the body prioritizes survival over health. When we relax we allow the body to heal


Connecting to our breath is a powerful way to connect to our selves and our inner wisdom


People have forgotten how to breathe well

Slowing down is more important than speeding up


Without good digestion and elimination - we are prone to further health challenges

Dieting is not an effective long term solution to health and wellness


Quality sleep is irreplaceable; exercise doesn’t have to be difficult; proper hydration is essential


As a society we sit too much. Quality movement keeps the body young and agile


Societies thoughts around pain and aging are worth questioning. Pain is the body’s way of letting us know to pay attention. Masking it doesn’t make it go away


We are all in a state of becoming. Being is more important than doing or having 


Negative emotions, stress and trauma get stored in the body


People often hold onto too much “stuff”. The more we release those things that no longer serve us, the better we feel and the deeper we heal

The only opinion of you that matters is your own


Don’t judge your progress by comparing to others - this is your journey. Only strive to be the best you can be


Having the freedom to fail is a key ingredient to success


People have lost sight of how to believe in themselves. You are the healer you have been waiting for


We could all be a little easier on ourselves


Love is the most powerful medicine and it is free to give - starting with yourself 

The fascia system is often the most overlooked and underestimated system in the body


It’s never too late to start your journey - in whatever form it may take. 

I recommend starting with Block Therapy.

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