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Block Basics

Release the best version of yourself with Block Therapy

Now available in Fort McMurray!

Block Therapy is a unique bodywork practice that releases restrictions in tissue by “melting” through adhesions that develop over time. The Block Buddy, a handcrafted therapeutic tool made from bamboo, is the medium used to facilitate this. Block Therapy is a simple to follow, safe and effective program that can be done in any setting.


Block Therapy awakens cells previously blocked from life. When cells are fed and clean, they function with grace and ease. It is for these reasons that Block Therapy is a solution with virtually limitless applications. 

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Can I do It? 

The best part about Block Therapy is how simple, safe and effective it is. 

If you can lay on the floor (or bed!) and can breathe - you can do Block Therapy!*

People new to the practice typically start with the Introductory Series (with a live teacher) or the Starter Program (online videos). 

If you are serious about making changes as efficiently as possible it is recommended to work one-on-one with a trained Block Therapist. 

As you progress - you are free to explore limitless positions and possibilities. You, as the user, are always in control. There is only one rule!

Your Breath is your Guide

(*Some exceptions apply)

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People are amazed at how profound, yet relaxing sessions can be. They often leave with a deep sense of change and calm.


Many people also report feeling taller, straighter and are able to breathe much more easily. Most will notice an improvement in range of motion, flexibility, strength and freedom in the body. Students often report back at how well they slept the following night, allowing them to awaken more refreshed and energized.

June 2021

November 2018

"After just one Pelvis and Legs class, I noticed quite a difference in my hips, quads and hamstrings. There is less restriction and pain; it’s pretty stunning actually."

Belinda Brunet

Fort McMurray


“Thanks Justin, for last nights Block Therapy Class, it was challenging but a gooder. Just what my body needed.  If you haven't been, check this guy out to help relieve tight fascia"

Vicki Rasmussen

True North Alignment, YMM

Our body's history is unique to us. It is shaped by our posture, alignment, injuries, surgeries, stress, activities, our jobs and more.  Everything we do affects the health of our fascia. 


When we fall out of alignment, the whole fascia system adjusts in an effort to protect us. As the fascia grips and adheres, it holds and restricts anything and everything in it's path  -  blood vessels, lymph nodes, nerves, muscles, organs, joints and more.

Compressed fascia caused by years of improper alignment is one of the major underlying factors in many of our health challenges. 

Unhealthy fascia plays a major role in chronic pain, joint issues, mobility, flexibility, range of motion, susceptibility and recovery from injuries, detoxification, metabolism, muscle tone and performance.


Because Block Therapy can relieve years of chronic compression, it's benefits are vast.


Where would you like to start?

Great for All Levels, from Newcomer to Seasoned Block Enthusiast.

Learn the Fundamentals of this Life-Changing Practice.

Experience the Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere of Exhale Yoga and Barre.

Experience the Infrared Heat of Oxygen Yoga and Fitness.

Go at your Own Pace.

Leave with a Deep Sense of Relaxation and Release.

Online Video Series

No Block Required!

Experience Fascia Decompression

Take the First Steps to Become Your Own Health Care Advocate

Start to Rebuild and Strengthen Your Postural Foundations

Release Tension - NOW

Instant Access



Private Sessions

Introduction to Block Therapy

Experience Fascia Release from Head to Toe

Introduction to Posture and Body Alignment

All your Questions Answered!

$75/1 Session or $210/3

1:1 Programs

 Block Therapy Assessments

Fascia Release Protocols

Body Alignment Training

Postural Foundations Training

Follow Up Assessments

Unlimited Support

All from the Comfort of your Home

Free Stuff!

Block Therapy in Action

I just finished up my third block therapy session with Justin @thezenbelly.

He facilitates a super cool myofascial release technique with a block! He helped me with upper body today; neck, jaw, shoulders and even forearms.


I seriously feel amazing, my head and sinuses feel clear….I feel light!

If you are looking for an alternative myofascial release technique I would seriously give him a shout.

He is super knowledgeable and is a wonderful coach.

Beth Volk

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