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Some of our bellies get a good start in life, others not so much. 

My belly was in the not so much group.


Weaned on Carnation milk with a love of Eversweet margarine, my bowels took a 10 day break when I turned 3. This landed me in the hospital for my first (and thankfully last) suppository.

Growing up on white bread, margarine, CheezWhiz and instant hot chocolate probably had something to do with my 2-3 day cycle of bathroom visits.


Before I turned 17 I had my appendix removed.

It wasn't looking good. 

Luckily, in my early 20's I discovered the power of nutrition and got to see food as medicine. 


For 10 years I dove into the field of health and nutrition, devouring all the information I could. I became a Holistic Nutritionist and became certified in BodyMind Performance Nutrition. 


In 2013 I discovered fascia - aka connective tissue.  

I started to practice Block Therapy to release the fascial restrictions (adhesions) and scar tissue which had formed after my appendix surgery. It took some time and it was not without effort, but in the end the low back pain and right hip issues I had been treating with massage, chiropractic and physiotherapy dissipated.

When I got serious about practicing Block Therapy - the changes were even more pronounced.  With a little guidance and support I literally transformed my body and health.  


My belly relaxed and my constipation became less and less of an issue. I became centered in my body and relaxed in my mind.  The more I practiced - the better I felt. Improved digestion and bowel function, increased flexibility, increased strength, decreased pain, less anxiousness, better breathing habits and a feeling of  control over my body and health that I never experienced before.


My belly doesn’t get tight after I eat and I don’t carry that tension or bloated feeling with me through the day. I feel confident saying that my health and appearance - especially in the core - is better than it has ever been. 

What does fascia have to do with digestion?

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