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Our Collapsed and Congested Core

Woman in Pain

Our modern, hunched posture is wreaking havoc on our internal space and everything we hold inside.

Our rib cage, with the weight of the upper body has collapsed onto our diaphragm and into our abdomens, causing ballooning in areas we don’t like and tension in places we don’t need.


This forward collapse causes compression.


Compression causes restriction of blood and oxygen flow to all cells, tissues and organs of the belly. Cellular waste accumulates in the tissues and we experience an internal cooling. This is not good for our insides or our metabolism.​


Over time, our fascia sticks to organs, bones and anything else that it can latch onto.


This is not good. The organs should reside in their designated home. Now they are squished, deprived of blood and oxygen, suffocating in their own waste and essentially frozen in place due to unhealthy fascia. 

Next we have the diaphragm, arguably the most important muscle in the body because of its role in breathing.


The diaphragm should act as the foundation to the upper body, but we’ve gotten really bad at breathing and posture. So, the modern diaphragm gets pinned between the ribs and the belly.


Fascia seals the ribs together and “locks down” the diaphragm. Our diaphragm longs to be free, to pump oxygen and massage our internal organs as it was intended. 


Because of fascia's’ immense grip onto bone we become locked out of alignment - sealed in this hunched posture indefinitely.


Indefinitely - that doesn’t sound good.

 Fortunately, there is Block Therapy!

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