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The Zen Belly Program

Improve digestion, ease tension and rebuild your relationship with food and your belly. 

Turmoil may be a good way to describe the past two years.


Everything seems to have changed, yet here we are carrying on with all the responsibilities and challenges of life.


It's not always easy. In fact, in many ways it is getting more  challenging to turn down the noise.

Gadgets, alerts, the news, schedules, restrictions, uncertainty, disconnection; it all adds up. 

Little by little, all these changes affect your health if you don't manage them well.

Stressed Woman

A Coaching Program designed to help you:

  • access the best techniques and technologies for stress relief

  •  focus on the foundations;  breath, relaxation and movement

  • try different approaches and stick with the ones that work for you

  • create habits that allow for life-long transformation

  • breathe deeper than you ever have before

  • release stored energy and emotions from the body

  • sleep better

  • gain mental clarity and focus

  • improve your relationship with food as well as your digestive system

Simple choices - profound results.

White Sand and Stone

The Zen Program:

  • The 3 Foundations eBook - 6 week guided program that outlines the best technologies and strategies to help you choose and create sustainable habits ($120 value)​​

    • Includes 7 accountability and support sessions as you move through the guided program

  • 5-Step Mindful Eating Program ($320 value)

    • Practice 1 mindful eating habit each week for 5 weeks and transform your relationship to food and how you feel

    • Included in the accountability and support sessions listed above

  • Unlimited additional email and phone support ($70 value) 

Total Value: $700

Your Investment: $399 (Save 43%)

Zen Garden
Just Breathe.jpg

Staci Mallard

I love how the Block Therapy sessions are meditative and also help me align my mind, not just my body. I’m so grateful for stumbling across Justin.

Swirl colour transparent.png

Derek Hodder

I have also found that I sleep better and wake up less at night. The most surprising part is the meditation and mental clarity it offers! Thanks Justin, for introducing me to Block Therapy and getting me back to feeling like myself. 



My husband and I had the best sleep after Block Therapy class.

Why this approach is different


Progress comes from both presence and action. It's one thing to understand why meditation or relaxation are beneficial - its another to put these practices into play. Get started right away  - 5 minutes a day is all you need to begin.


It's easy to start something new. It's also easy to stop something new before it becomes a habit. With a system, a partner and time you can create new, highly beneficial habits. 

Meditating in Nature

Body Based Approach

With Block Therapy you become present with your breath and the physical sensations as your body releases stored tension. Most meditations focus on the breath or your thoughts. Adding in this somatic approach keeps you highly focused on what's happening in the moment.

Energy and emotions get stored in the tissues of the body. As we physically release frozen tissue we facilitate the letting go of stored emotions and energies of past events that no longer serve us. 

Quinn Seated Achilies.jpg
Calm breath woman beach swirl.jpg

The Block has been a godsend for me when it comes to anxiety and stress.

Dawn Ziemanski

Using the Block to learn how to breathe diaphragmatically has helped my peak moments of anxiety so so much.

Dawn Johnson

My anxiety has gone way down and when my heart races at times, it is manageable! I feel lighter, younger, I don't remember ever feeling this good.


After laying on my block for about three minutes was hit with the most glorious sense of calm and sleepiness. Was hard to get through the rest of the session because I was so relaxed. I think I just let go of a crazy amount of anxiety, fear, sadness. Feels so good.


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