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Introductory Block Therapy Classes

Each Block Therapy class is unique - yet they all focus on the basics. When we breathe properly and give our cells better access to blood, oxygen and nutrients we fundamentally improve how our bodies function. The end result - more vitality and more life!

Core and Rib Cage Class

During the Core and Rib Cage class you will be guided through a series of postures designed to gently release fascial adhesions in your core as you open up your ribcage, oxygenate your body and relax into a better alignment.  

The ribcage is the foundation for the shoulders and neck and as we release unhealthy, frozen tissue in the core we allow deeper access to the diaphragmatic breath while allowing the body to naturally align.

This class is a wonderful way to access and release parts of your body that have long been dormant and stagnant! Leave this class feeling lighter, open and refreshed.

The Core and Rib Cage class helps prepare the upper body for continued work into the arms, hands, head and neck and it is recommended you complete this class first.  This class is for all levels.

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Pelvis and Legs Class

During the Pelvis and Legs class you will be guided through a series of postures designed to melt frozen tissue in your pelvis, upper and lower legs, all the while strengthening the diaphragm muscle and improving blood and oxygen flow to newly awakened cells.

Opening the channels for flow into the legs will increase blood, nutrient and oxygen delivery to the lower body while promoting metabolism and an efficient removal of waste.

As we release adhesions in the legs and feet, we positively affect alignment all the way up to the head. This class focuses on proper pelvis and leg alignment. Too few people realize how important proper standing is to the overall health of the body – until now!

Head, Neck and Arms Class

During this Head, Neck and Arms class you will be guided through a series of postures to release the adhesions in your upper core, arms, neck and head. As we lengthen the back of the neck and body, we will learn to support the weight of the head through using the powerful tongue muscle!

Many students find this a relaxing class. It is excellent for everyone - especially if you spend lots of time in front of the computer or in any task where you are slouched forward for extended periods.  Releasing the forearms and hands has a direct affect on the alignment of the head and neck and provides a greater degree of freedom in the upper body.

It is recommended new students complete the Core and Rib Cage class at least once before moving on to the Head, Neck and Arms Class. This class is for all levels.

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