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November 2018

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November 2018

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I started practicing Block Therapy because it made sense - not because I was looking for help in any area. 

Little did I realize how crooked and misaligned my body actually was! When I look at the photos from 2018 I can see the curve in my spine, the hyperextension of my knees, the external rotation of my feet, the collapse of my right side and general chaos that resulted from all of this. 

The photos help explain why I had chronic low back and hip pain! I was managing this discomfort with regular massage, chiro and finally a few physio sessions. 

Did I mention what it has done for my digestion?! 

Oh - and I gained 2 cm of height in less than one year! That's according to a doctor's measurements - needless to say she found it hard to believe!

At 44 I feel healthier, fitter and more confident in my own health than I did at age 30.

I have been a part of the holistic and natural health world for 18 years.


Block Therapy is THE BEST THING I have found. 

It is available to anyone - anywhere - at almost any age or health status. 

It is inexpensive and actually saves people thousands of dollars long-term. 

It does not require electricity, batteries or another person and it never wears out!

It is simple; there is one key rule - your breath is your guide.


It is easy to access and can even be done in bed- seriously!!

With some basic instruction anyone can learn the practice and in time become their own health care advocate.

Oh yeah - and it works!

Discovering Block Therapy has been the best thing to happen to my health. I truly believe this may be one of the greatest health and self-improvement practices - ever. 

In October 2020, I was introduced to Block Therapy by my friend, Justin Dollimont. To say that it has changed my life is an understatement.

I’ve dealt with chronic pain for 30+ years and now I’ve finally found something that is creating results at a deep tissue level.

Block Therapy has significantly decreased my pain levels and increased my mobility. It has also saved me thousands of dollars in pain management treatments as well as avoiding knee surgery for meningitis.

I’ve tried just about everything over the years: chiropractic, massage (helped with managing pain and mobility somewhat), physio, acupuncture, reiki, glyconutrients :-). I was willing to try anything.

I noticed a difference in neck and shoulder pain after 3-4 days and it gradually kept improving. 

Overall I notice a significant improvement in daily pain from 9 months ago....from an 11 back then to a 2 or 3 out of 10 now (some days even a 1!)


The best part is feeling in control and self-empowerment. This teaches you to be your own healer!

Michelle Myrick, Norway.

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