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NEW Block Therapy Classes

Each month, Block Therapy adds a new class (initially free if you don't yet have a membership).

Anyone with a membership can access these classes in the members area indefinitely. 

December's Free class was Lifts and Twists

From Deanna: It’s time to add some extra attention to your core. This 3-part series will be all about creating symmetry to the psoas. Focused on the exercise component of Block Therapy, these 15-minute sessions will be a combination of isometric holds while seated on the floor/block, as you lift from the core and twist and hold.


Then, you will do a block position to release the deeper adhesions that prevent your full range of motion, followed by a deeper twist to own that newly created space.

This will be amazing at creating the separation between the pelvis and the ribcage and will actively move out trapped inflammation in the gut. You may even gain some height as you lengthen and strengthen.

These classes are now available for all Members in the Members Area

liftys and twists.png
Scarred Leg

Class Spotlight - All Things Knees

I saw the effect of knee pain during my recent visit home. 

It didn't look fun. Each step hurt. People couldn't walk any distance without wincing in discomfort. If you can relate - or if you want to keep your knees healthy for years to come, introduce them to your Block! 

The All Things Knees Series leads you through 90 minutes of leg and knee postures to release, realign and strengthen these critical joints! This 3-part series addresses the knee joint and surrounding area, including the outside of the knee to unlock hyperextension, the inside of the knee to help with cartilage issues as well as releasing the knee cap to improve movement.

Freeing the low legs and knees is key to improving issues in the hips, back and even upper body! 

Each class is 30 minutes in length and can be done one at a time, or if you feel up for it, completed all at once! 

Anyone with a Block Therapy Membership can access this series under the 15-30 minute class section. 

If you have a Starter Program but haven't used your 14 day free trial to the members area, maybe now is the time! 

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Online Fitness

Online Community
One of the best parts of Block Therapy is the community!
Thousands of people sharing, learning and growing together as they unwind their body and improve their health through fascia decompression!
If you're on Facebook you can join the Block Therapy Community Group. 
Free free to browse the chat, search for topics or challenges you may be facing and ask any question you like. I assure you, someone (likely many people) will respond and offer you guidance based on their experience.

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