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The Zen Belly Program

Improve digestion, ease tension and reorient your relationship to food and your body

It's easy to feel frustrated when you're sluggish, tired, bloated, gassy or constipated and nothing seems to help.

But have you tried changing HOW you eat?

Becoming a little more mindful at meal time can really help your digestion. 

The good news - it's easy to do. All it takes is a little practice to create new habits and once you have them - you keep them for life!

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  • Embody a new mindful eating strategy each week while Blocking along to classes designed for digestion - from entry to exit!

  • Take a meditative journey through your digestive system as you release tension, improve blood flow, promote cellular health and optimize organ function along the way!

  • Apply each strategy the following week to cement your new habit into your daily life to help transform your relationship to food and meal time. 

  • You can't always control where you eat, when you eat or what you eat - but you can control HOW you eat.  This is a skill that will benefit you for the rest of your life and for many, is the missing piece that allows them to feel good after they finish a meal. This is a game-changer!

Bonuses that you keep for life:

  • 7-day Healthy Gut Challenge with instructions, menu plan, recipes and shopping list 

  • A 21-day Healthy Gut Meal Plan with recipes and shopping lists

  • Understanding the Basics of Gut Health eBook 

6-Step Mindful Eating Program combined with Block Therapy

More than just Mindful Eating


The meditative aspect of Block Therapy, combined with the physical release will leave you feeling calmer, lighter and ready to practice your new mindful eating strategy each week. 

At the end of this unique 6-week program you will have the tools and confidence to use your mindful eating habits whenever you like. 

Plus - you get all the benefits of Block Therapy to improve digestion, gut health, blood flow, nutrient delivery, waste removal and more!


Theresa D

I struggled with indigestion and gas for most of my life and tried almost everything, including medical tests. I started making these small changes and noticed a vast improvement. Thanks!

Image by Mariana Medvedeva

Heather Heibert

I have solutions or “go to” approaches when I am struggling with the digestion/gut. Justin was terrific to work with!! And I found the digestion factor very interesting. Our society is very focused on diet. The Zen Belly took me to a different place when sitting down to eat. I will definitely continue the steps I learned during this experience. 


Justin Hoyt

I'm waking up early and rested and relaxed. I have less after effects of eating things like burgers; I don't get so tired or feel like crashing after! 

The Zen Belly Program

When is it and how does it work?

The program starts Wednesday, September 14th and runs every Wednesday evening for 6 weeks (concluding October 19th). All classes will be held online via Zoom. If you are unable to make a session you will have access to the recording for 48 hours.​ This is a group program with a maximum of 8 participants. 

Each session begins with a brief overview and discussion of the weekly mindful eating topic, followed by a 75 minute guided Block Therapy class that is specifically designed for that mindful eating strategy.


We will end each session with a short Q & A and wrap up. You will receive a follow up email with additional info and suggestions for practicing your new mindful eating strategy through the week. 

What do I need? 

Each participant will need their own Block Buddy. If you haven't already purchased one, you can do so online or directly through me if you live in Fort McMurray. 

This program is open to all levels, from first time Blockers to seasoned pros!

What else do I get?

In addition to the mindful eating program and specialized Block Therapy classes you will receive multiple resources to deepen your understanding of gut health and the strategies to support it! These include a 7-day healthy gut challenge and a 21-day healthy gut meal plan, plus an eBook all about gut health. Plus - there may be some gut healthy smoothie recipes along the way!


The 7 and 21 day meal plans can be used at any point during or after the Zen Belly Program. 

How do I register? 

You can sign up directly on this webpage and your space will be reserved. If you need a hand just reach out!

Some of the things you will learn:

  • how to engage your digestive system before, during and after mealtime

  • how to reduce what you eat - without feeling hungry or wanting more
  • how to relieve pain, tension, discomfort and bloating from your belly 

  •  how to breathe better, release tension from your body and relax your mind

  • how your beliefs about food affect your body and health

Leave this program feeling relieved, light, energized and confident.

Total Value of the program: $697 

Your Investment: $297

Young Fisherman

This is the best I've felt in a couple of years. I have more energy each day to spend time with the kids, doing things like going fishing. I'm not bogged down after eating and crashing on the couch. I got an extra 1-2 hours each day!

Justin Hoyt

Change Can Be Easy

You have more control over your digestion and health than you realize. 

The strategies we will discuss are free to practice, they get easier with time, they only take a few minutes of your day and they can be life-changing. 

If you are ready to make positive changes to your belly and body without upending your diet,  these habits will  soon become second nature.


In fact, when we eat mindfully, we are simply reconnecting to our natural, relaxed state of breathing, chewing, slowing down and enjoying food!

This is the foundation that must be built before you "work on" your diet!


Even more surprising was learning to breath from my diaphragm, I feel so relaxed after a session and have noticed my anxiety level decrease over all. Don’t be hesitant, this little Block (and the amazing community that comes with it) are magic!

- Jennie Pottle

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