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You deserve to
feel good now....

..and later!

Discover how at this interactive workshop that will introduce you to the amazing world of fascia and whole body health with Block Therapy


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The workshop was awesome! 

Enjoying Nature


Thank you so much Justin, I'm so very happy that I came across your workshop! It definitely was a great experience!

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I loved the workshop!

Fascia is quickly taking center stage in the health world.


Its critical importance as a connector of all cells and systems in the body is finally being recognized as essential for long term health and vitality. 

Ironically, fascia is a mystery to most people even though it's the most abundant tissue in the entire body! 


Its interaction with muscles, bones, joints, nerves, lymphatics, blood vessels, the gut and so much more ultimately determines how you function, feel and look. 

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What you'll discover

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Fascia Fundamentals

What is fascia and why is it important?

What are the consequences of unhealthy fascia?

What are the dominant forces that affect your fascia?

What mechanisms do you have available to counter these forces?

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Diaphragmatic Breathing and Postural Foundations

What role does the breath play in creating healthy fascia?

Self-assessment of your breath and postural foundations and why they matter!

How to improve your diaphragm to optimize breathing and overall health - including the health of your core and pelvis. 

How to strengthen your postural foundations and the alignment of your body.


The Pain-Fear-Stress Cycle

Understanding the pain-fear-stress cycle and how it may be keeping you stuck.

How to break the cycle and get a new perspective on pain.

How to become a pain seeker to release it from your your fascia and your life!

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If you are interested in feeling better now and well into the future, consider the health of your fascia.


Failure to do so will force you to work harder and harder with less and less benefit. 

There is a better way.

Block Therapy is an incredibly beneficial and simple way to support your fascia and body, no matter your age or ability. 

With it's deep connection to the breath and postural strengthening, Block Therapy gets results that were once thought impossible. And the best part - you can do it for yourself. 

Learn to work smarter, not harder as you unravel the mystery of fascia and explore the body in a whole new way!


And of course - we will do some Blocking!

Discover the simplicity and elegance of Block Therapy as we spend approximately 1.5 hours targeting different parts of the body!

Learn the number one principle of using your breath to guide you in this intuitive practice. 

Discover what pain means from a fascia point of view and how to make friends with it, vs. trying to avoid it at all cost!

Discover restricted areas of "frozen" fascia and feel what it's like to melt through the congestion to improve flow throughout your body.

Leave feeling refreshed, calm, more mobile and just different than when you came!

Feet in Bathtub

"Good morning Justin. I just needed to reach out and let you know what I experienced (after only 1 workshop with you).

I usually wake up stiff and in pain in the mornings. The plantar surface of my feet, I'd wake up limping and the heels would be in pain. I didn't have those symptoms!!! I'm looking forward to using the Block daily! "

— Claudia Rubia

Yoga Block

What an interesting class that was, I really enjoyed what you were able to teach us in a couple of hours.

I definitely "feel" tenderness today, that is for sure!


Happening at Exhale Yoga and Barre!

Exhale Yoga and Barre is located in the center of downtown and is a huge part of the yoga community for Fort McMurray. Inviting, supportive and fun are just some of the words that come to mind when you take part in the Exhale experience. 


I'm thrilled to be offering this workshop in such a welcoming and helpful setting! Helen and her team offer fantastic services for their clients and give back to the community in such a diverse and continual number of ways - what's not to love!


Workshop Details

   Sunday, May 8th from 3-5 PM at Exhale Yoga and Barre

Cost: $45

20 spaces available!

Or use your Exhale Yoga and Barre App to register today!
 For additional info: or
Blocks are provided!
All you need is a yoga mat, some comfy clothes and a desire to feel your best!

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