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Take a stand for your health

Discover the causes & effects of poor posture,  why it seems so hard to change and how to improve your body, mind and health with simple, proven techniques

Why Posture?

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If you care about moving well now and later in life, think posture!

Enjoying Nature

Performance and Recovery

Joint and muscle function, back health, strength, range of motion, blood flow, the breath - it's all connected!

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Injury Prevention

Keep doing the things you love for longer. Don't let unconscious posture limit your life

Sit up straight! 

It's something we've all been told but do you really know how important posture is?

Aches, pains, tension, injuries, slow recovery, poor performance, poor blood flow, bad digestion and more are all linked to unconscious posture in some way.


Long-term, posture has HUGE effects on your body. 

So why can't you get a handle on it? It seems so simple! 

Maybe, you've never been shown how to correct the causes so you can actually change your habits and lead a life of less pain, less tension, fewer injuries,  better movement, better performance and more confidence!


What you'll discover

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Back Pain

Posture Fundamentals

Why is it important?

Why do you get "bent out of shape"?

What are the consequences of your poor habits?

How can you strengthen weak muscles that are creating posture imbalances?

What are the 3 postural foundations of the body and how can you make them work for you?

What does fascia, gravity and breathing have to do with it?

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Reversing the Trends

Self-assessment of your postural foundations.

Learn why better posture requires a whole body approach.

Release frozen fascia to allow your body to come back into better alignment.

Strengthen your diaphragm to optimize breathing and overall posture of the upper-body.

Gain body awareness - what are you unconsciously doing to prevent good posture?

Gym Workout

Release and Strengthen

How to recognize proper breathing so you can use your breathing muscles -  not the accessory muscles which can cause tightness and pain.

Bring the lower body into better alignment to support the feet, legs and pelvis.

Learn the forgotten key to support the head and neck!

Discover posture correction exercises - minimal equipment needed!


Woman in Grey Sweater

Melissa N.

Hey Justin, I absolutely looooved the workshop! It was awesome and I haven’t stopped raving about it !

Healthy Woman

Melanie F.

If you've been thinking about trying it or have never heard of it, do yourself a wonderful favor and do it! Join Justin and Beth and do something amazing for yourself!

Woman on a Gym Mat

Anne S.

The combination of release with the Block and Beth’s functional movement exercises was powerful. It was like a really good massage! The time flew by and I can’t wait for the next session!


Posture Is the foundation of your future

If you ignore your posture today it will affect how you feel tomorrow. Ignore it for the next 5 years and feel the effects a decade from now. 


You can't escape the constant role posture plays in how you feel, function and look.    

Luckily, you are in control and can direct your posture to improve many aspects of your health.


With a little know how and some practice you can reverse a life-time of unconscious stances, bad habits and frustrated attempts at change. 

Your facilitators

Beth Volk


This is me in 2015, holding my youngest son while we were on vacation.  I had always had poor posture, especially in my teen years but pregnancy and mom life exacerbated it.


After taking my personal training certification and understanding the importance of posture and strength, I changed my life. 


I fell down this rabbit hole of corrective movement, the kinetic chain, and the impact of poor posture with a focus on postpartum moms. 


Life requires strength!  To get strong safely and effectively we need to have good posture!


Beth Volk is a canfitpro Personal Training Specialist and CES Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist

Spend Dedicated time with Beth

Beth will take you through the kinetic chain, starting from the feet and moving all the way to the head, making key pit-stops at the pelvis (one of her her specialties!) and core to check on your breath and more!


Beth will help you identify which muscles are not engaging properly and how to get everything moving again so you can fire key stabilizers that help keep you straight and strong. 

Learning to strengthen the body is important. Learning to strengthen the body in correct alignment while engaging all your muscles is a game changer!

Justin Dollimont


This was me in the fall of 2018. My back twisted, my pelvis tilted, my body in chaos - wondering why I was struggling with low back and hip pain!

Jump forward 7 months and I felt and looked straighter than I had in years. The pain I put up with for almost10 years finally subsided when I applied a new approach to health - fascia release combined with postural strengthening.


I've come to learn that posture is a dynamic and evolving process. We can choose to be conscious of it and move in a direction that feels good or we can remain unconscious and let the effects of poor posture show up in ways we don't like!

Justin is a Block Therapy Instructor, Block Therapist and Holistic Nutritionist with a focus on mindful eating. His work focuses on fascia, posture and the breath. 

and Spend focused time with Justin

Let go of the tight, tense and sticky areas that are holding you in your current posture.

With an incredible ability to grip, fascia will pull and hold you out of alignment over the course of your lifetime and in order to release fascia at it's deepest attachments, you need a special approach!


Justin will show you how to do just that with Block Therapy as well as teach you how to breathe new life into these previously compressed areas as you strengthen your postural foundations.


Free yourself and strengthen in your new alignment so you don't fall back into the habits that pulled you down in the first place!

Workshop Outline

   10:00 - Welcome and Introduction

10:15 - A group of 4 hits the gym with Beth for a variety of discussions, assessments and exercises to strengthen key parts of the body, from head to toe. 

- A group of 4 hits the mat with Justin as he shares a perspective on health and posture you have never heard before. Learn to release dense fascia at targeted areas that are key for postural improvement. 

12:00 - Enjoy a lunch break (on the back deck - weather permitting) with all participants and instructors as we casually discuss the highlights of the morning, refresh key insights and ask any questions you have. (Bring you own tasty, favorite lunch items!)

12:30  - Switch instructors to explore the complimentary side of posture to enhance everything you discovered in your first session! 

2:15 - Wrap up and questions with the whole group and both instructors. 

2:30 - Leave feeling relaxed, strong and refreshed with a newfound confidence of your posture and the outcomes you will create! 

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Updated Format

This new format will help you understand and experience posture at a deeper level and allow the instructors to provide more personal support and guidance for your specific situation.  Experience the best of both worlds - release tight tissue and strengthen the body to keep it upright and tall!

Bonus Draw

   All participants will be entered in a draw to win a free posture and strength assessment from Beth and another winner will receive a free posture and fascia assessment with Justin!

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Yoga Class
Fitness at Home

Workshop Details

   Sunday, October 2nd from 10:00-2:30PM @ Glow Fitness Ltd. Home Studio.

Only 8 spaces being made available!

Cost: $95

You can also email or for further details or to register.

Push Up

Change your posture. 

Change your life.

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