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Holiday Harmony

A non diet, no fuss program to help you thrive during the holidays and beyond!

With Christmas approaching, emotions of all sorts begin to run high. 


There is the excitement of time off, getting together with family and friends while enjoying good food and good times.

When it comes to diet and health, those feelings can quickly turn to guilt, remorse and disappointment. 


When it's all said and done, the holidays can take a toll on our healthy efforts from the past year and leave us unmotivated to start again in January. 


So how can you enjoy the holidays but come out the other side feeling happy, optimistic & energized? 

Christmas Dinner

Focus on how you eat - forget what you eat!

Add in 5 simple and easy to practice Mindful Eating habits to: 

  • eat less without feeling hungry or wanting more (it is possible!)

  • feel good about your food choices - no matter what they are

  •  reduce binging and overeating

  • feel in control  - while still enjoying all your favorite foods and snacks

  • keep your health goals in sight

  • naturally improve digestion and elimination

  • reduce bloating, gas, tension and pain

  • nourish a positive mindset; if you "get off track" - it's ok! 

You can't always control where you eat, when you eat or what you eat - but you can control HOW you eat. 


This is a skill that will benefit you for the rest of your life and for many people, this is the missing piece that allows them to feel emotionally and physically good after a meal - or a series of indulgences!

Mindful eating is the often overlooked and critical first step to any healthy eating plan.

Christmas Dinner

Theresa D

I struggled with indigestion and gas for most of my life and tried almost everything, including medical tests. I started making these small changes and noticed a vast improvement. Thanks!

Trinkets on Tree

Heather Heibert

I have solutions or “go to” approaches when I am struggling with the digestion/gut. Justin was terrific to work with!! And I found the digestion factor very interesting. Our society is very focused on diet. The Zen Belly took me to a different place when sitting down to eat. I will definitely continue the steps I learned during this experience. 

Family Christmas

Justin Hoyt

The Art of Eating was one of the best things I've done for myself. I'm actually down almost 35lbs since we started. Thank you so much! 

Bonus: Reset Your System

Start the New Year off right with a  7 day healthy gut challenge.

  • You made it through December with grace and ease and are feeling better than usual so you are ready to start the year off right - without having to think about what to eat next.

  • The challenge comes complete with instructions, menu plan, recipes and shopping list!

  • Your body will be given a time-out from December's indulgences and instead, will receive nutrients from foods that will nourish your gut. Don’t be surprised if you have more energy and vitality after seven days.

  • This challenge is a great way to start your new year and is an excellent next step after your mindful eating program.

  • Gluten Free version is available!​​

Bonus #2 Eat for a Healthy Gut 

Now that your system is reset - optimize how you feel with this complete, 21 day-gut healthy meal plan. 

  • The gut responds quite quickly when gut-positive foods are consumed. The key to a healthy gut is a natural, whole food diet with all the key nutrients, plus plenty of prebiotic and fermented foods. Since no foods are restricted on this plan, it’s all about choosing good, quality foods that nourish the gut.

  • Our good gut bacteria love foods that help them reproduce. They also need vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and amino acids from protein as well as fermented foods because they support gut function and help keep us healthy. ​


  • The 21 day meal plan comes complete with instructions, menu plan, recipes and shopping list! Keto, Paleo, Ketogenic, Gluten Free, Vegan and FODMAPS versions available! 

Holiday Harmony is for you if:

  • you get anxious or stressed about overindulging at Christmas

  • you don't want to see all your hard work from the past year go out the window

  • you're tired of cutting out all your favorite foods - or feeling bad if you eat them

  • you want to enjoy the holidays  - guilt free

  • you want to enter January feeling upbeat and energetic vs sluggish and lethargic

  • you are able to set aside 30 minutes (max) per week for 5 weeks to develop your mindful eating habits

  • you are ready to follow a proven meal plan so you don't have to stress over what to eat as you start the New year!

Christmas Presents
Christmas Present
Fancy Christmas Decorations

Invest in Yourself this Christmas

  - 5 mindful eating coaching calls 
  - New Years healthy gut reset plan
  - 21 day healthy gut eating guide 
  - unlimited email support

Contact me to begin

Christmas Dinner

Christmas is just a few weeks away - do I have time to make this work?

  • Yes! Luckily you only need 30 minutes per week (maximum) to learn and apply each new mindful eating technique. Then, you are free to put it to use leading up to and during the holidays. The cut off date to get started is December 2nd. You can begin anytime between now and then.

The holidays are such a hectic time - will I actually be able to be mindful with so many people around?

  • Absolutely - this is all about your internal awareness. These tips are easy to master and take just seconds to apply. They can be done regardless of what  is happening around you (within reason of course!)

Will I still be able to eat the foods I really like - I don't want to go on a diet at Christmas! 

  • A diet at Christmas - is that even a thing? This plan is designed to allow you to eat the foods you like, while feeling good about it, both physically and mentally. 

  • The mindful eating techniques naturally allow you to feel full quicker so overeating is limited while digestion is improved. Mentally, you will gain a new appreciation for food and learn to eat any food with a more positive mindset. 

Will I be on my own, or will there be support?

  • I am available for any additional support at no-cost (it is the season of giving after all!) I'll be available by email if you just need to check in or have any questions. 

When will I start the 7-day healthy gut challenge and 21 day meal plans?

  • These will be provided to you during the first week of January, depending on when you begin your Holiday Harmony Program. You will be free to start these right away, or wait until you are ready. I recommend beginning in January to maintain the momentum you will have as you master the holidays! You get to keep both meal plans, so you can repeat them as you like. 



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