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Personal Assessments

Take your posture, alignment and body to a whole new level. 

Taking New Clients Starting the End of August*

Personal assessments are the best way to transform your body and your health. If you are tired of struggling and are serious about making lasting change - this is for you. 


How it Works:

We will chat to discuss your current challenges and goals. You will then submit photos in a standing posture for analysis and review.


If you are new to Block Therapy you will be asked to complete the Introductory Series of classes in person - or online. The Intro Series may be completed more than once if necessary. 

We will meet (online or in-person) to review your photos. During this review you get to see, first-hand how your current posture and alignment are affecting your health. 

You will receive guidance to complete a series of online classes to complete at home. These series' typically last 3-4 weeks. The average class is 30 minutes in duration. During this time you will have unlimited access to me via email and phone as I support you through your changes.  

After the series you will re-submit new photos for analysis and we will then meet again to review your changes and set you up with the next series of classes to complete. 

This process typically lasts for 2-4 months, depending on your challenges and goals. During this time we take a whole body approach to fascia health as we release adhesions in the feet, legs, pelvis, core and upper body. 

There is no better way to literally watch your body change before your eyes as you powerfully and profoundly release the best version of yourself! 

Please contact me for pricing and details. 

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