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Free Yourself from Pain, Tension and Poor Mobility at Home or in Studio

Full body self-care for frustrated adults who want:
    1. lasting relief from injuries, pain and stiffness
    2. active lives without the limitations
    3. freedom to do the things they love

Glad you're here

Welcome to The Zen Belly. I'm Justin and I help men and women who are tired of dealing with daily pain and discomfort, become mobile, active and free to lead the lives they once knew. 


Sometimes it's the simplest things that bring the greatest joy; standing, walking, moving and playing without hesitation or the fear of what's to come.

Pain makes our world small. It restricts and dictates what we can and cannot do, where we can go, who we can see.  Life is more than this. Free yourself from these old limitations, do the things that matter and expand what's possible.


I get it - you've probably been to all the best therapists in town; many times.


But the massages, needles and adjustments don't get to the root of the problem and the benefits are short-lived. The time and costs keep growing while the relief stays the same. 

Block Therapy on the other hand, is a progressive deep dive into your body. It gets to the root of many issues by releasing years of compressed, hardened, and frozen connective tissue (aka fascia).

The best part is - you are always in control. Despite your practitioners expert training, you know your body better than anyone else - or at least you will once you practice Block Therapy!


"Justin’s intelligent guidance and calming manner are exactly what is needed to facilitate Block Therapy. He demonstrates each position along with options then talks you through the poses providing helpful tips in a serene relaxing tone. 

After a session my body feels relaxed, limber and rested. More importantly, this new calm state lasts and improves with each practice."

— Joy Duggan


"It is the best deep tissue massage but you get to be in control! Justin guides you through the experience with ease. It has opened up my body and mind as well. I have learned pain is not something to fear but to explore! It has changed how I greet sensations in my movement practice. I start and end my days with my Block Buddy."

- Kyla Rainey


I used to know your pain

For over 5 years my back wasn't my friend. We went to countless appointments, stretched, did yoga, took the best supplements but if I made one wrong move, my low back and right hip would scream at me.


The pain and discomfort would last days or weeks. Sore, stiff and tense my body wasn't working like it should and I was only in my 30's!


Since practicing Block Therapy, everything has changed.

In my experience, and the experience of thousands of others - Block Therapy is the most efficient and beneficial fascia release system in the world. 


I feel amazing. I am able to mountain bike, hike, skate, ski, do yoga, garden and put on socks all without limitation!  Plus, I am 2cm "taller"  than I was in 2019!


I am relieved to have a long-term solution that works. I am confident in my body and assured I can more easily  manage issues if they arise. 


I feel grounded and at peace as I continually improve my health versus collapsing into a tight and anxious version of myself. The more I practice Block Therapy - the better I feel in every way.


Get Started

Great for All Levels, from Newcomer to Seasoned Block Enthusiast.

Learn the Fundamentals of this Life-Changing Practice.

Experience the Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere of Exhale Yoga and Barre.

Experience the Infrared Heat of Oxygen Yoga and Fitness.

Go at your Own Pace.

 Leave with a Deep Sense of Relaxation and Release.

Register directly through each studio

Online Video Series

No Block Required!

Experience Fascia Decompression

Take the First Steps to Become Your Own Health Care Advocate

Start to Rebuild and Strengthen Your Postural Foundations

Release Tension - NOW

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Private Sessions

Introduction to Block Therapy

Experience Fascia Release from Head to Toe

Introduction to Posture and Body Alignment

All your Questions Answered!

$75/1 Session or $210/3

1:1 Program

Block Therapy Assessments

Specific Fascia Release Protocols

Follow up Assessments

Body Alignment Training

Postural Foundations Training

Unlimited Support

All from the Comfort of your Home

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May 9, 2021

July 10, 2021

I struggled with pain in my lower right back; herniation of lumbar intervertebral disc with sciatica.  I also suffered from poor posture and alignment as well as loss of range of movement in my neck from a car accident in 1997.

My back issues started in 2010 while shoveling snow, followed by repeated flare ups in 2014, 3 times in 2016 and most severely in 2021. I tried just about everything including massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractor, heating pads, Ice pads and Doctor Ho's but they didn't provide long term relief. I was frustrated and willing to try anything.

After my first class I felt a sense of calm and relaxion which seemed to ease the tension in my lower back. I would immediately feel better after the class, definitely a reduction in the pain and increase in my mobility with which I had struggled with for so long.

After two and a half months I feel better overall, have better posture, reduction in pain and increase in mobility. I think the major thing is the confidence; not only in my posture and what that brings but also the confidence doing the everyday things without the fear that my back could go out at any time. I feel stronger, more aligned and planted when I walk and stand. 

Thanks Justin for introducing me to Block Therapy and getting me back to feeling like myself!

Derek Hodder, Fort McMurray

If you are tired of quick fixes, short term solutions and never ending appointments that fail to bring lasting relief, lets connect to find the best solution for you.

I’ve been doing block therapy for a little over 2 weeks. I carry tension (and what has been diagnosed as pain from anxiety) through my ribs. It’s always worse in my back. I’ve tried everything to get it under control and nothing has worked until now. 


The closer I get to 40 the more I honestly thought pain was just part of life. Starting, it was shocking how much tension was in my body and more shocking is how quickly it dissipated. 


Some of the benefits I have noticed so far:


1) less pain throughout my entire body,

2) I haven’t had a tension headache since I started and I was having at least 2/week,

3) better sleep, I was getting a broken 2-5 hours a night when I started and was considering prescription sleeping aids, now I easily get 6-8 hours,

4) increased flexibility (stretching feels amazing again and not like I’m going to snap something),

5) entire GI tract is functioning better, I started having all bladder issues right as I started and since using the Blocks I haven’t had one bout of intense pain from my stomach area 


I was nervous about laying my stomach right on the block, I’ve had issues with my GI tract for 15 years, I was hopeful it wouldn’t make issues worse and had no idea it would be this beneficial! 

Justin is amazing and answers all my questions :) So happy I gave this a shot! 

Courtney M.
Fort McMurray

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