From Bad Belly


to Zen Belly

Get a belly you love and the health you deserve  with a food and Lifestyle plan you can maintain!

Hey health-lover,

Is your belly STILL calling the shots?!


How long has it been; 2, 10, 20 years?


You used to enjoy food; the anticipation, the taste and the pleasure. It used to mean good times with friends, family and lovers.


But what used to be enjoyable is now a struggle.


You’ve tried different diets, supplements or laxatives but nothing works long-term. All this bloating, pain and constipation has you wondering if this is just your fate

Stomach Ache

Enough with just getting by, you want to really live

Friends Eating Dinner

Eat the foods you want, when you want; relax when you go out with friends and wear the clothes you want to wear - not the ones that hide your bloated belly. 

Live in a world with no more worries about where the nearest bathroom is or if you will ever be able to go again.

You know that food is a big part of life and it should be enjoyed....

But how – when you don’t know what else to try, life keeps getting busier and your belly keeps getting worse - not better.

Can we just say it’s not easy to tame the wild beast that is your belly - especially when life is busy enough and now you’re expected to figure out what the hell is going on in there!

Nobody seems to have the answers you need – you’ve asked your doctor, naturopath, the pharmacist, dietician and yourself (more than once).  You’re not sure if you need a cleanse, a life of veggies and water, a new miracle pill or some diet combination of keto-paleo-raw and vegan!

You do everything you’re “supposed to do” but it’s not working and it’s not like you can just stop eating and wait for the problem to go away!

Deanna on Belly wSwirl.jpg

Some people will tell you to create a really great gut (& I agree) but they will not support HOW you eat and NO ONE will show you how to let go of years of compression and restriction in your core - which is limiting your entire digestive system. 

But I Will

Hi, I’m Justin and I believe it’s easy to be healthy – if we focus and take smart, simple steps and not waste our time or energy chasing fads.


That’s why I’ve brought together the best of gut focused holistic nutrition and the amazing benefits of Block Therapy into one simple program… make it easy to get your belly under control so you can get on with living!

I help busy adults who have bloated, painful or constipated bellies find lasting relief and comfort without having to rely on laxatives or restrict their diet for the rest of their lives.


For most of my life I struggled with an angry belly. It wasn’t until I added Block Therapy and mindful eating did things really start to improve – even though I had been a “healthy eater” and took all the best supplements for over fifteen years! I know the frustration of a bad belly – and I also know what it’s like on the other side.

It’s enjoyable, it feels good and I take great pleasure in helping others feel the same way.

From Bad Belly 



to Zen Belly

An 8 week, 1:1 coaching program to help you:

  • Release the pain, bloating and discomfort from your belly so you can say yes to more things in life – dinner with friends, wear the clothes you really want and not worry about where the nearest bathroom is!

  • Rebuild your relationship with food and eating so that it becomes fun and enjoyable instead of a chore.

  • Feel empowered to choose from a wider variety of foods so you don't feel stuck eating just veggies and water forever.

  • Gain confidence knowing you are in control of your health and even if you get off track - it’s not the end of the world!

In our 8 weeks of 1:1 coaching you'll get:

  • 5, hour-long sessions with me (1.5 hr. initial session to get caught up on your past challenges and current situation) ($520 value)

  • Email support between sessions ($160 value)

  • Training in 8 mindful eating practices with accountability and follow-up ($220 value)

  • 21-day Healthy Gut Menu Plan with over 70 pages of recipes and separate shopping lists to print and take with you to the store. The menu plan includes basic principles of good digestion and so much more! 21-day Paleo/Keto/Vegan and FODMAPS Versions are also available! ($197 value)

  • Understanding the Basics of Gut Health eBook including the best foods to support a healthy belly ($97 value)

  • Understanding Fermented Foods ($39 value)

  • 15 Cultured Smoothie Recipes ($39 value)

  • Dysbiosis/Candidiasis Quiz ($19 value)

  • Your Block Buddy with a 9-day whole body fascia program that you keep for life and a 14-day free trial of the Block Therapy membership area ($159 value, includes shipping)

  • A one on one 90-minute Block Therapy Class via Zoom with me as your instructor ($60 value)

Total Time Commitment:

  • 5.5 hours of session time over 8 weeks

  • 2-3 hours of Block Therapy practice per week (flexible and on your schedule).

Total Value:  $1510

Your Investment is only $755! ($596 if you're already a member of Block Therapy).

Yep - that's less than $100/week and you get a life changing self care practice, plus enough recipe ideas to finally please your unhappy gut!

Bonus! If you get started before April 1st you'll also get:

  • Top 8 stressors for the gut ($39 value)

  • Top 10 foods for gut health ($39 value)

Note: You pay for and schedule only the first session to begin.  During our first meeting we will schedule the remaining  sessions. 

Who has the best chance of success with this program? You! If....

  • You’re ready for a major shift in how your belly and body feel – you want to KNOW something is changing

  • You’re ready, willing and able to carve out 3 hours per week for YOUR Health

  • You’re ready for a self-care routine that is easy to maintain, portable, flexible and can last forever!

Preparing Guacamole

Who may not find success with this program?

 You! If....

At Home
  • You need instant results and you can’t commit to 3 hours of self-care per week.

  • Quick fixes are the priority and you aren’t able to incorporate a healthy lifestyle approach right now

  • The notion that our breath, thoughts and emotions have anything to do with our health is too far out and you need health to be only about “the physical”.

 what this program is like in real, busy adult life!

Weeks 1-2

Initial Session (1.5 hours. ) – History, What’s Possible, Getting Started

  • Block Therapy discussion with tips and tricks for getting started and what to expect in your first 2 weeks as you dive into the 20 and 40-minute classes. Prepare for take-off!

  • Review and discussion of your Intake Questionnaire to really get a sense of what you’ve tried in the past, what’s worked, what hasn’t and where you want to be.

  • Review of healthy gut principles and I will answer questions you may have on any of the program documents – it’s always good to review the basics!

  • If needed – complete the dysbiosis/candidiasis quiz – you may need a specific protocol to address a specific issue. 

  • Steps 1 and 2 of the Art of Eating. Remember – bring down your stress to ramp up your digestion!!

  • Discuss the food journal so you can start right away. I want to know what a typical week in the life of you is really like - so no fudging the info to fit what you think I want to see!

  • Identify your first area of focus and you choose the first action steps that you know you can maintain.

  • I will send you a recap of our session with the first area of focus and action steps for getting started.

  • You have email access to ask any questions as they arise before our next session.

  • This is where you get a sense of what this program is really about and you start to feel what’s possible. Let go of those old thoughts that may be keeping you stuck – we are moving into a new world of possibilities!

Weeks 3-8

As we continue our journey we will maintain a strong focus on your Block Therapy journey - how it's changing your belly, body and mind! 

During our time together we will focus on:

  • Improving digestion - mentally and emotionally. What are your thoughts around food, do you see food as good or bad, is there such a thing as the "perfect diet", how do you feel when you eat foods that are "bad"? Mindful eating at it's best. This is a foundational piece that primes your entire system. 

  • Improving digestion - physically. We will look at fight or flight vs rest and digest, relaxation, breathing, meal timing and more - these all affect us on a fundamental level. We will also look at improving organ function by creating space in your core, warming your tissues, removing compression and restrictions, improving blood flow and removing wastes. 

  • Going deep into intestine and colon health. Enzyme function, bacteria, intestinal wall lining, mucosal linings and barriers, tight junctions, "leaky gut", dysbiosis....where ever it takes us! Oh yeah - and we will create some space and freedom in the organs of elimination. There is so much compression in our lower abdomen - scar tissue from surgeries like C-sections, appendix removal and more. As a bonus - we will be improving blood flow to the organs of reproduction. 

  • Nutrients and supplements for the belly - everything from probiotics, enzymes, collagen, glutamine, colostrum, magnesium and more. Depending on your needs, these will be important measures as you start to build a healthy gut.

  • And of course there is the food! We will look at healthy gut foods such as bone broths and fermented foods with recipes, shopping lists, meal prep and more. 

  • The focus will be on you - what works, what needs some work, how you feel, what's manageable for your schedule and lifestyle. I won't dictate a list of things you must do - or else. This is a team approach. I will provide options - you choose what works for you.  All the best advice in the world won't do any good if you aren't able to implement it. The best information is that which you use - consistently. Everything else just sounds nice. 

I want you to succeed

I want you to leave feeling relieved AND empowered to make healthy choices going forward. This isn’t about you having to eat only “the right” foods forever. This is about understanding what works well for you now and how you can continue to build a healthy gut so that you can continue to add in more and more foods that feel good.


And hey, if you fall off the wagon it’s not a big deal. As your gut gets healthier it can handle more and more, plus you will have the skills and confidence to get right back on track if you ever veer sideways!



I’m so busy, will I even have time to do this?

Think of it as a vacation from everyday routine. When you slow down and take some time for yourself - everything settles, even if just a little bit. Give yourself the time, it's ok to focus on what's best for you. The ideas and practices you gain from this program will be available for you to use for the rest of you life. Is a few hours a week for a couple of months too much for your health? The fact you made it this far tells me you are ready for a change (even if you don’t have all the answers!)


What’s this Block Therapy thing and why do I need it?

Believe me, you need it - as does every other person you know. Why am I so confident? Because unless you’ve had perfect breathing and posture your whole life, you have fallen forward. The compression caused by changes to your fascia have created strong restrictions that now rule your gut (and entire body!) Without addressing the fascia and the physical structures of your core - you're simply working too hard for too little reward. 

I’ve tried everything, how do I know it will work for me?

Unless we’ve met in a parallel universe you haven’t tried this! No other nutritionist I know talks about fascia, if they do, they won’t provide you with a self-care tool and practice that releases as deep as Block Therapy does. This gets to the root of it – improved blood flow which equals improved oxygen and nutrient delivery to your cells, improved waste removal, improved alignment of your insides and the list goes on and on. How do I know it will work? All I know 100% is what it’s done for me and so many others and that it won’t work if you don’t try it!

P.S. Block Therapy is the secret weapon that no other health or nutrition coach is going to help you with. With this program you are ahead of the curve and have the opportunity to take advantage of information that so few people know about - yet. This is truly a unique approach and you will not find this opportunity anywhere else! 

Note: You pay for and schedule only the first session to begin.  During our first meeting we will schedule the remaining  sessions. 

I’m not quite ready – can I email you my question?

Yes, you can – right here!


I’m almost there – but I’d like to make sure this is really for me.

Perfect – schedule a free 15 minute session here to make sure we’re a great fit!


All things are difficult before they are easy.

Thomas Fuller 

Are you done with difficult?