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November 2018

June 2021

What Others Are Saying


I’m new to Block Therapy but it’s changed my life. After my first 2 sessions I have slept more restful than I have in years. My posture has improved so much so that I had to readjust the rearview mirror in my car. For someone who has spent thousands of dollars on massage and chiropractic work, this is astounding to me. 


Justin is an amazing teacher. His presence is accepting, calm, and caring. Throughout the sessions he continues to teach me and remind me of my breath, in the most relaxing way. His knowledge of anatomy that he shares throughout the session makes every position and movement make sense. 


Since starting Block Therapy I am more aware of my posture and the importance of taking time for my body. I’m sure this will be a lifelong process but I’m so excited that I started this journey and am enjoying every minute so far. Thanks Justin

Paulette Pytak, RN

In October 2020, I was introduced to Block Therapy by my friend, Justin Dollimont. To say that it has changed my life is an understatement.

I’ve dealt with chronic pain for 30+ years and now I’ve finally found something that is creating results at a deep tissue level.

Block Therapy has significantly decreased my pain levels and increased my mobility. It has also saved me thousands of dollars in pain management treatments as well as avoiding knee surgery for meningitis.

I’ve tried just about everything over the years: chiropractic, massage (helped with managing pain and mobility somewhat), physio, acupuncture, reiki, glyconutrients :-). I was willing to try anything.

I noticed a difference in neck and shoulder pain after 3-4 days and it gradually kept improving. 

Overall I notice a significant improvement in daily pain from 9 months ago....from an 11 back then to a 2 or 3 out of 10 now (some days even a 1!)


The best part is feeling in control and self-empowerment. This teaches you to be your own healer!

Michelle Myrick, Norway.

2018.12.14 - Swirl-Water-Sunset.jpg

 I struggled with pain in my lower right back; herniation of lumbar intervertebral disc with sciatica.  I also suffered from poor posture and alignment as well as loss of range of movement in my neck from a car accident in 1997.

My back issues started in 2010 while shoveling snow, followed by repeated flare ups in 2014, 3 times in 2016 and most  severely in 2021. I tried just about everything including massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractor, heating pads, Ice pads and Doctor Ho's but they didn't provide long term relief.

I was frustrated and willing to try anything. Justin, a friend and former coworker suggested Block Therapy. After researching it, joining the Facebook group and reading the testimonials I realized it was something different.

After my first class I immediately felt a sense of calm and relaxion which seemed to ease the tension in my lower back. I would immediately feel better after the class, obviously not fully healed but definitely a reduction in the pain and increase in my mobility with which I had struggled with for so long.

After two and a half months I feel better overall, have better posture, reduction in pain and increase in mobility. I have also found that I sleep better and wake up less at night and have more regular bowel movements.

I think the major thing is the confidence; not only in my posture and what that brings but also the confidence doing the everyday things without the fear that my back could go out at any time. I feel stronger, more aligned and planted when I walk and stand. I'm back at the gym slowly getting back into strength training more routine cardio exercises.

The most surprising part is the meditation and mentally clarity it offers!


Thanks Justin for introducing me to Block Therapy and getting me back to feeling like myself! 

Derek Hodder, Fort McMurray

A Little of My Story

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November 2018

June 2021

April 2021

July 2021

I started practicing Block Therapy because it made sense.  I wasn't looking for help in any area - I thought I was completely healthy! 

But here is what I didn't realize.

My guts were compressed, as was most of my body. I was highly anxious with a taste for worst case scenario thinking. My spine was curved and my body was tense. My breathing was shallow, my diaphragm was barley being used and I was shorter than I needed to be!

​Yes - you read that right! I actually gained 2 cm of height in less than a year – but that’s another story.

I was using a lot of the information from my formal training in Holistic Nutrition, BodyMind Performance Nutrition and the specialized GI courses I've taken – but when I stumbled upon Block Therapy in 2013 everything changed - my belly, my breathe, my beliefs and my body.

Yeah, it was huge.

I finally found out why I was still fighting with my belly after everything I was doing for it!

Now my belly and I, we're good. It doesn’t get bloated after I eat (or hardly ever), I don’t have those tight, heavy feeling through the day and I get to visit the bathroom with confidence and feel relief when I leave.

My guts have never been so glorious!

I went from angry belly to Zen belly - and I believe you can do the same. 


It’s not rocket science, it’s not magic (even though it may feel like it sometimes) and it’s not without some time and effort.

But it’s so worth it.

There is so much more to life than putting up with a bad belly, aches and pains and unwanted stress.

At 44 I feel healthier, fitter and more confident in my own health than I did at age 30.

I have been a part of the holistic and natural health world for 18 years.


Block Therapy is THE BEST THING I have found. 

It is available to anyone - anywhere - at almost any age or health status. 

It is inexpensive and actually saves people thousands of dollars long-term. 

It does not require electricity, batteries or another person and it never wears out!

It is simple; there is one key rule - your breath is your guide.


It is easy to access and can even be done in bed- seriously!!

With some basic instruction anyone can learn the practice and in time become their own health care advocate.

Oh yeah - and it works!

Discovering Block Therapy has been the best thing to happen to my health. I truly believe this may be one of the greatest health and self-improvement practices - ever. 

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