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With this guide you will discover:


  • Your 3 postural foundations and how to support them

  • Which bodily tissue is under appreciated but critical to your posture

  • The never-talked about issues that cause imbalance and asymmetry in your body

  • Why the feet and calves are key to creating full-body release and balance​

  • The hidden consequences of poor posture

  • Where you stand with a 12 point posture self-assessment that is quick and easy to do

  • 3 videos that will teach you how to stand as well as align one of the strongest muscles in the body (and it's not your arms, butt or back!)

  • How to connect to your root which for the vast majority of people, is THE MISSING PIECE to the posture puzzle! (Hint: it may be in your butt!)

updated scoliosis.JPG

If Block Therapy can do this in 7 weeks imagine what it can do for you in 7 months!

Please note this is not a personal client of mine, but an avid Block Therapy enthusiast!

Since learning proper posture techniques I've noticed that sitting out of alignment, which used to seem comfortable, now seems uncomfortable. 

Sitting and standing properly feels best and I'm amazed that I've been able to retrain my body and bring things back into proper alignment.

Derek Hodder, Fort McMurray

Strong Man
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