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Introductory Series

3 private sessions that will leave you feeling 3 years younger!

Block Therapy has to be experienced to be believed - now it's your turn.


With this full body introduction you will understand why so many people have made Block Therapy their go-to practice for life changing self-care! 

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During this ninety minute session you will be guided through a series of postures designed to gently release fascial adhesions in your core as you open up your ribcage, oxygenate your body and relax into a better alignment.  

The ribcage is the foundation for the shoulders and neck. This class is a wonderful way to access cause sites for pain in the upper and lower back while starting to relieve chest, neck and shoulder tension.


As we release unhealthy, frozen tissue in the core we allow deeper access to the diaphragmatic breath while allowing the body to naturally align.

The Core and Rib Cage class helps prepare the upper body for continued work into the arms, hands, head and neck and it is a prerequisite for all additional classes.

In Block Therapy, the lower body is a key area for many people with pain and tension in the pelvis, back, neck and shoulders! This session is critical for long-term lower and upper body relief.


In this session we open the channels for flow into the legs to increase blood, nutrient and oxygen delivery to the lower body while helping to promote metabolism and an efficient removal of waste. 


This class focuses on proper foundations for the lower body including pelvis & leg alignment. As we release adhesions in the legs and feet, we positively affect alignment all the way up to the head.


Too few people realize how important proper standing is to the overall health of the body – until now!

During this 90-minute Head, Neck and Arms class you will be guided through a series of postures to release the adhesions in your upper core, arms, neck and head. As we lengthen the back of the neck and body, we will learn to support the weight of the head through using the powerful tongue muscle!

Many people find this a relaxing session. It is excellent for everyone - especially if you spend lots of time in front of the computer or in any task where you are slouched forward for extended periods.  Releasing the forearms and hands has a direct affect on the alignment of the head and neck and provides a greater degree of freedom in the upper body.

Introductory Series
  • 3 Private - 90 minute sessions with individual guidance

  • Discover some of your cause sites, begin to release tension and experience a whole new way of managing pain

  • Ongoing support between sessions as needed - email and phone

  • Posture foundation strengthening and body alignment tips

  • Relax and release with proper diaphragmatic breathing  

  • Experience Block Therapy from the comfort of your home (in person or via Zoom)

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Get started without purchasing a Block Buddy (if you live in Fort McMurray)

  • BONUS: Receive a full body assessment to identify areas of collapse, asymmetry and postural weakness which will help explain why some of your pain and mobility issues persist. This is a real eye opener for many! ($100 Value - Free with The Intro Series)


Justin is an amazing teacher. His presence is accepting, calm, and caring. Throughout the sessions he continues to teach me and remind me of my breath, in the most relaxing way. His knowledge of anatomy that he shares throughout the session makes every position and movement make sense. 


Since starting Block Therapy I am more aware of my posture and the importance of taking time for my body. I’m sure this will be a lifelong process but I’m so excited that I started this journey and am enjoying every minute so far. Thanks Justin

Paulette Pytak, Fort McMurray

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